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Dark Alliance - Gameplay Overview Trailer | PS5, PS4 

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9 Qer 2021




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BrasilSwitch Orë më parë
Another game that will be "free", Day One at Xbox Game Pass
Mike Clark
Mike Clark 3 orë më parë
It's a sad age we're living in when "No Micro-transactions" needs to be mentioned.
WillyStyle65 5 orë më parë
Available on gamepass day one! Well that's me playing
Yhe_OldWyvernOne Gaming
Yhe_OldWyvernOne Gaming 14 orë më parë
great video i like it :)
Gari Mendizábal
Gari Mendizábal 15 orë më parë
Gratis en gamepass jsjajajjajajajaja
Icarus Jaeger Rorkesteid
Icarus Jaeger Rorkesteid 15 orë më parë
The narrator single handedly convinced me to get this when it releases cheers
WildSky 15 orë më parë
Did they remove the screen shake?
Vjeran Janeš
Vjeran Janeš 21 orë më parë
"No microtransactions here." Oh, thank Pelor
Javier Fhi
Javier Fhi Ditë më parë
Glad it’s coming to GamePass day one!!
DIARC Ditë më parë
i was hyped until i realized you cant make your own character... please WoTC GIVE US GAME THAT WILL LET ME PLAY AS MY D&D CHARACTER!!! I HAVE NO FRIENDS TO PLAY THE TTRPG VERSION!!!
Kodry Ditë më parë
I can’t believe they made a D&D game without a caster and cleric classes. Hope they add them.
Enishi Yukishiro
Enishi Yukishiro 2 orë më parë
u clearly never read the books this is based on...this is the team plus another rouge if u have to count on him to fight as well. they never had any caster/cleric in their party.
etbadaboum Ditë më parë
Very cool trailer! Also Drizzt! I remember him in Baldur's Gate... Memories!
Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter Ditë më parë
Xbox wins
max cooper
max cooper 2 ditë më parë
I’m definitely playing as the Tiste Andii
FromFilmToCode 2 ditë më parë
mohd497 2 ditë më parë
It's on GAMEPASS yay
Alvin Dash
Alvin Dash 2 ditë më parë
Im unable to preorder it on ps store...cant find it...anybody know why?
BlackBass Issac
BlackBass Issac 2 ditë më parë
Me recuerda al genial neverwinter nights del 2002
Dylan Dunda
Dylan Dunda 2 ditë më parë
Sad in Xbox
Lonny Tesoriero
Lonny Tesoriero 2 ditë më parë
DAME.. I'm sold
GuiuGaldino 2 ditë më parë
no mage class?
FallenAngel510 2 ditë më parë
I’m on it! The world of Baulders Gate!
jay oh!
jay oh! 3 ditë më parë
I still remember playing the ps2 baldurs gate dark alliance
Julius H Monck
Julius H Monck 3 ditë më parë
This game looks trash.
Sablus 3 ditë më parë
Great narrator there with a solid sales pitch, you got me very interested in this game
Neptunes Lagoon
Neptunes Lagoon 3 ditë më parë
Like Neverwinter 3.0.. same place, fantasy world, same players, Drizzt, Cattie Bree, Brunor...
noFXgamefactory 3 ditë më parë
wish i had this narrator in Biomutant ^^
ZenIceHero 3 ditë më parë
Dark Alliance style and setting is reminding me of Forgotten Realms Demon Stone, Hunted the Demons Forge and Godfall which is awesome and cool
Rick Sturgis
Rick Sturgis 3 ditë më parë
So is this going to be a very loose retelling of RA Salvatore's Crystal Shard then? Or is it all happening again?
RP Mana
RP Mana 3 ditë më parë
I dont have a play station dawg
SquashedHobbit 3 ditë më parë
I really hope the narrator narrates my adventures 😂
Justin Werner
Justin Werner 3 ditë më parë
Best. Commentary. Ever.
John Doe
John Doe 3 ditë më parë
No micro transactions. 2 weeks after purchase, we’re introducing loot boxes
Linus Ji
Linus Ji 3 ditë më parë
I love this commentator more than the trailer itself
Julian Bradley
Julian Bradley 3 ditë më parë
Colour me interested..
Damon Graham
Damon Graham 3 ditë më parë
I have only one complaint and hope that in a DLC I can build the party I want. The Companions of the Hall are great but I want to campaign with my heroes.
Максим Судаков
Максим Судаков 3 ditë më parë
What about Entrery?
nawab256 3 ditë më parë
they had me at no microtransactions.
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 4 ditë më parë
Leslie Wilson, no.
LozoGaming 4 ditë më parë
They toned down the screen shake!!! Im buying it.
Zelda Shelley
Zelda Shelley 4 ditë më parë
Well, Tamatoa hasn’t always been this glam :D
Peeping Tea
Peeping Tea 4 ditë më parë
If it get coop on ps4......ahhh
cusman 4 ditë më parë
This trailer made me pre-order the Deluxe Edition for my PS5.
caseyanders1 4 ditë më parë
Sounds like Tiaka Waititi’s voice was artificially deepened via a synthesizer.
dangermaynard 4 ditë më parë
The game looked cool but the narrator just sold me on it completely. I want that man to follow me around and narrate my life
Dirceu Santos
Dirceu Santos 4 ditë më parë
would be more fun if we coud create our own character instead of presets. maybe in a sequel if this game succeeds
JahanKhan 4 ditë më parë
Aaaaaaand free on game pass. I love it
JahanKhan 4 ditë më parë
I enjoyed this narration
alex duffy
alex duffy 4 ditë më parë
not gonna lie this game looks dope
Suhadisgood 4 ditë më parë
This game will be free to play on game pass day 1 but not on PS Now day 1
BayonneJoe 4 ditë më parë
Whoever put this video together! Bravo! I was on the fence with other trailers. This video got me excited! 🔥🔥🔥
Mystic BBQ
Mystic BBQ 4 ditë më parë
is it just me or does combat seem completely weightless?
NighCraw00 3 ditë më parë
Yea I see it too
WicketPlayz 4 ditë më parë
I only know dnd from Stranger Things but i´m still gonna buy this lol
Saeed Saeed
Saeed Saeed 4 ditë më parë
The maps still feel empty , they need more enemies imo.
Bernie1 Lomax
Bernie1 Lomax 4 ditë më parë
It’s free on game pass
kbutta01 4 ditë më parë
This guy also ate his grandmother btw.
Prof. Yggradsil
Prof. Yggradsil 4 ditë më parë
Waiting for that baldurs gate dark alliance sale on eshop, psn, and xbox when this releases. 😅
Clement Español
Clement Español 4 ditë më parë
"Big everything? Who's to say"
Adam S
Adam S 4 ditë më parë
Jemaine Clement hahahhaha
Alexer Arcaynjul
Alexer Arcaynjul 4 ditë më parë
QUESTION: Are you allowed to pick more than one character in a team? Two Assassins, Two Knights etc..
skythewolf35 4 ditë më parë
Alright I was concerned before, this destroyed all my worries. You got me, now take my money
Alexer Arcaynjul
Alexer Arcaynjul 4 ditë më parë
Auada 85
Auada 85 4 ditë më parë
I want that chrystal shard!!
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 4 ditë më parë
Still think the original from 2001 is better. The second one wasn't bad either.
Olah Mundo
Olah Mundo 4 ditë më parë
I'm more inclined to buy this because of the narrator than the game itself
Matthew Dodds
Matthew Dodds 4 ditë më parë
Why no magic class
othmane ksikes
othmane ksikes 4 ditë më parë
Its smooth i hope it will be like that in gale
C B 4 ditë më parë
I really wanted to hate this game. I really dont care for the art style and really dont think it does the source material justice storywise. BUT this narrator explaining the gameplay and the inner values of the game like he did... it made me change dislike into like and now I'm even thinking about picking up a copy.
ЗлатомиР АлександроВ
HYPE! Also that`s how you present a game!
Chia Xiong
Chia Xiong 4 ditë më parë
The coop is lame tho ya'll can't pick the same character game is a big failed already
Dont Smile Ya No
Dont Smile Ya No 4 ditë më parë
i hope this game have alot of farming
James Carter
James Carter 4 ditë më parë
Looks weak
2Gunz 4 ditë më parë
this has my attention
OS 3 REIS MAGROS 4 ditë më parë
Michalis M
Michalis M 4 ditë më parë
Don't You Get Caught Somedays
Just preordered.
Recon Cygnis
Recon Cygnis 4 ditë më parë
22 june in Gamepass
İsmail Çetintaş
İsmail Çetintaş 4 ditë më parë
Free with Xbox Gamepass XD
Frazer J
Frazer J 4 ditë më parë
Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks 4 ditë më parë
I want this game but the characters seem kind of lame
Gamer Central
Gamer Central 5 ditë më parë
Looks awesome, Thumbs up if your getting this 😀
MrGrimlocksmash 5 ditë më parë
This reminds me of Gauntlet Dark Legacy in a weird but grand way.
MrGrimlocksmash 5 ditë më parë
I’m beyond ready and hyped for this ❤️
Tim Kamen
Tim Kamen 5 ditë më parë
Is this cross platform so if I have a PS5 and a buddy has PS4 we can still do co-op gameplay together?
Ekquizit Sounds
Ekquizit Sounds Ditë më parë
Yea. Its all on the ps network i have several friends that have ps4s.
Death by Konami
Death by Konami 5 ditë më parë
Drizzt and Catti, D&D's power couple
Daniel Mohabir
Daniel Mohabir 5 ditë më parë
hoping there's an option to turn on the narrator in-game so i can listen to his awesomeness while i murder minions........
Nightwing 5 ditë më parë
No Mage/Sourcer class?
BlackRabbitDigitalP 5 ditë më parë
Might have played it if not for the pre-generated characters. A loot based game where you are not allowed to create your own hero, really? What year is this?
Denny 5 ditë më parë
"Wulfgar. Big Hammer,Big Power. Big Everything, who's to say?" 🤭👌 My favorite already. Can't wait to play this game. Love Dungeons and Dragons and all this characters. And this narrator is a beast. I could hear His Voice forever.
Anthony Ford
Anthony Ford 5 ditë më parë
As if the video is narrated by one of the guys from Flight of the Conchords! Thought I recognised the voice. Brilliant trailer.
Erik 5 ditë më parë
Each character having 50 attacks that's what I was wanting to hear
The Metal Morons
The Metal Morons 5 ditë më parë
I now expect the soundtrack for the dragon boss fight to be Albi the Racist Dragon
Ccubed92 5 ditë më parë
I bet they will add loot boxes when the dlcs come out or game release lol
needThai Forex Trading
needThai Forex Trading 5 ditë më parë
Do they Add AI companion ???
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart 5 ditë më parë
Is the voice over by the Flight of the Conchord guy?
NEWaYRTON 5 ditë më parë
Me a convencido mucho este juego, sobre todo su jugabilidad y el lore que tiene con los libros
Mr. Berardine
Mr. Berardine 5 ditë më parë
Doesn't even remotely resemble the past games in this series. Why name it Dark Alliance if it isn't going to be remotely like the other games?
AtomikHors 5 ditë më parë
I'm not even into D&D, and this Narrator managed to make me want to buy this game. It does look genuinely fun too though.
cry devil
cry devil 5 ditë më parë
Look boring a lots, are we in 2010 or what
Ben 5 ditë më parë
We gonna get some Crenshinibon?